52 Weeks of Flute Project

In 2018, Robin developed and ran the 52 Weeks of Flute Project. Developed from the experience of the 365 Days of Flute Project, the Splice Institute's devotion to collaboration, and an interest in online creation, the project features one composer/performer collaboration each week of the year.  Robin and the composers communicated through email, video, and recordings, all online to work on works for solo flute or flute and electronics. 

The project is meant to create new spaces for creation and performance of contemporary music. The internet removes the barriers of cost, language, allowing composers and performers to work with each other internationally.  The project also allows pieces that have not been performed to be critiqued and recorded, giving more resources to composer and more access to repertoire to performers.

The 52 Weeks of Flute Project was presented at the 2018 ISAMS Conference at University of Illinois. Pieces from the project will be performed at the 6th Annual Oh My Ears Festival, Sonic Illinois, and MoxSonic Festival in 2019.

Youtube Playlist